Everyday Leadership

Hey everyone! As my cousin and I were driving home from our roadtrip to New Mexico, we had the Ted Radio Hour blasting in the car. The conversation of the week was entitled "Disruptive Leadership" and it was all about the different ways people from around the world have taught leadership, been in a leadership... Continue Reading →


What jazz has to do with an image of America that we can all come to agree on

Hello folks! It is the first day of 2017, and I think any individual dwelling in America can agree that this upcoming year will be an experimental and interesting one for sure. It is apparent that the citizens of our nation are in disagreement as to what it really means to be "American" or what "America" really... Continue Reading →

What Personal Paradigms and Jazz Have in Common

Hey everyone! My favorite aspect of my college experience thus far has been the opportunity to work with some of the most incredible and inspiring people I have ever met. My music professors at CSU never cease to amaze me with not only their immense talents and intelligence, but their ability to be unbelievably kind, compassionate, and supportive... Continue Reading →

MT Research- Stress Reduction Studies

Hey everyone! ❤ As you probably know, I am a music therapy major at Colorado State University, and being the nerd that I am... it is my pride and joy to research this incredible career and discover the countless ways that it can impact peoples' lives. In scanning through the endless pages of experiments on... Continue Reading →

A Contemplation of God

Hi friends ❤ There is one concept that my friends and I consistently discuss and philosophize about. We love to contemplate the presence of God, and how He/She/It takes form in our world. We have come to our own little conclusion that no matter what you call God from whatever religion you devote your heart... Continue Reading →

The Little Things

Hi friends! Do you guys ever panic about being super productive? I know I FREAK out about not practicing enough, not doing enough research, or not doing things that I perceive in the moment to be the “big things" that matter the most. Many times, when I am relaxing in a coffee shop with my... Continue Reading →

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