How I Saved Myself From My Own Mind, Part 2.

Hello again friends, Based off of the previous post, this is the section where I actually found some clarity. It seemed to happen just as fast as the onset of my anxiety disorder started, and in a series of steps. It all started with me seeking a new therapist (I eventually returned to my original... Continue Reading →


How I Saved Myself From My Own Mind, Part 1.

Hello friends ❤ I have not written a post in quite awhile, as I had so many new things on my mind to speak about, that I did not know how to put them into words. I finally feel like I have my voice back, and have the means to talk about the last couple... Continue Reading →

Little Victories

Hello all ❤ I find it so fascinating how life can take a quick turn and surprise us all from time to time. That has definitely happened to my family and I this summer, and there is a meaningful lesson to learn with our experience that I thought I might share. As my year at... Continue Reading →

MT Interventions- The Bucket Theory

Hello friends! In March, I had an amazing opportunity to attend the Midwestern Regional Music Therapy Conference, and I think I learned more in those four days than I have in my entire life (isn't that always how those things are?!). There were so many amazing lectures on interventions, song ideas, techniques for maintaining a... Continue Reading →

Embracing a Socratic State of Mind

Hello friends! Wow, it has been awhile since I've posted. I have had a whirlwind of a semester, and it left me with very little time to sit and think and reflect (or so I thought). BUT, I realized that there is ALWAYS time to reflect and be grateful, and it is a necessary element... Continue Reading →

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