A Woman’s Heart

A Spoken Word inspired by the way I spend my nights once in awhile... Enjoy ❤ A Woman's Heart Tell me this. Do men stay up, crying and praying, For the ones they love To stay safe? Mother, take care of your heart. Father, please drive carefully. Lover, do not walk into your classroom, And... Continue Reading →


How I Saved Myself From My Own Mind, Part 2.

Hello again friends, Based off of the previous post, this is the section where I actually found some clarity. It seemed to happen just as fast as the onset of my anxiety disorder started, and in a series of steps. It all started with me seeking a new therapist (I eventually returned to my original... Continue Reading →

Little Victories

Hello all ❤ I find it so fascinating how life can take a quick turn and surprise us all from time to time. That has definitely happened to my family and I this summer, and there is a meaningful lesson to learn with our experience that I thought I might share. As my year at... Continue Reading →

MT Interventions- The Bucket Theory

Hello friends! In March, I had an amazing opportunity to attend the Midwestern Regional Music Therapy Conference, and I think I learned more in those four days than I have in my entire life (isn't that always how those things are?!). There were so many amazing lectures on interventions, song ideas, techniques for maintaining a... Continue Reading →

Embracing a Socratic State of Mind

Hello friends! Wow, it has been awhile since I've posted. I have had a whirlwind of a semester, and it left me with very little time to sit and think and reflect (or so I thought). BUT, I realized that there is ALWAYS time to reflect and be grateful, and it is a necessary element... Continue Reading →

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